Thursday, July 7, 2011

Scenes from My Commute


Bus stop

This is how you don't fall out of an auto. 

In Delhi, drivers of two-wheel vehicles are required to wear a helmet. The rest of the family? Whatevs. 

I like this guy. He chose this moment - in the middle of an intersection at a red light - for his wife to drop him off at work (passenger's side is on the left in India). 

Bargaining update: Today I went up to an auto and told him my destination. Instead of waiting for his opening offer, I jump right in with "60 rupees." And he accepted immediately, which means, of course, that I started too high. Tomorrow, I open with 50...


  1. You are totally rocking the price negotiations! Let me know if you are able to meet up with Sumathi :) Love!!!!

  2. Okay....good negotiations. Tomorrow get in, offer 40, become indignant yet respectful and then settle on 45. Signed, Proud Auntie. ( If you can pull that off, change professions and become a labor negotiator.)