Monday, July 4, 2011

First night.

First power outage.

Electricity isn't a 24/7 guarantee in Delhi, where the power grid can't always handle the demand. According to my new roommates, we don't lose power very often and then only for a half hour or so. I got my first taste of it last night when the power went out as I was unpacking and stayed out for at least an atypical hour and a half. It was like a special little welcome present from the Ministry of Power (real name).

Conveniently my travel alarm clock is also a flashlight. It also has a thermometer, which may be convenient or possibly torture, since I was able to track the steadily rising temperature in my room, which hit 94 degrees before I fell asleep.

At least I don't watch Wimbledon:

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  1. Wow--Ministry of Power! So the Minister of Power is the MOP. Hmmm... better to be a MOM.