Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hindi word of the day: Aam (आम)

Translation: Mango
Pronunciation: aahm

I got to India just in time for the end of mango season and I am thrilled. I adore a good mango. Not the red and green fibrous kind available at the grocery store in the U.S. I like a mango that slices like an avocado. The fruit walla (or, 'fruit guy') outside my house sold me just such a mango this evening.

Besides my first mango purchase, today was exciting because it was the first day of my fellowship and it went quite well! My new colleagues are friendly and helpful, the office is bright and fantastically air conditioned, and the work is challenging yet exciting. I'm looking forward to day two!


  1. Two dreams come true--a mango that slices easily--and your job!! So great! Congrats!! (Looking forward to the language lessons!!)

  2. Yay Aliboo I'm so excited to get to read your blog and keep up with your adventures!! You are amazing. :)

  3. You should teach these women how to make mango milkshakes and the introduce them to old monk rum which goes great in the mango milkshake. delicious. I would like 10% of all proceeds as the originator of the business plan.