Monday, September 24, 2012

Wah wah.

My bathroom is grossing me out. This is one of the things that comes along with living in India. No matter what I do, no matter how much I clean, no matter if I move to a new apartment in large part because my old bathroom was gross, my bathroom will always, apparently, make me want to vom.

Allow me to paint a picture. When anyone in my house flushes their toilet, I can hear the water gurgling past the two nearly open drains in my floor. I don't know why I say nearly...they're gaping holes about 4 inches in diameter, barely covered by flimsy, moveable, metal grates. There is a smell associated with this. The open drain phenomenon isn't just at my house - from what I can tell it is the norm.

Recently that drain became a breeding ground for what I've identified as 'bathroom flies'. There are like 30 of these things floating around my shower every morning. Of course bathroom flies are only one of the species of bugs to have invaded my bathroom. There are ants, too. Lots of them. And, perhaps even more cringe-inducing than ants in a bathroom, these things:

(Apologies for the poor quality photo. But then would you really want a better one?)
It's like a worm inside a concrete shell. Apparently it's called a 'plaster bagworm'. So far I have seen four. If I see more...I don't know. I hope I don't.

Maybe this wouldn't matter that much if I had hot water, which for some unidentifiable reason, I do not. It would matter even less if I had any stable water supply, really. Instead, we run out every evening owing to some ongoing feud between residents of my flat and the maintenance guy. So half of the day my bathroom serves only as a damp breeding ground for numerous species of bugs.

I really shouldn't complain. Before I moved to India, I'd never even had my own bathroom, like I do now. This one has a Western style shower and ample counter space (not to mention hilarious wall tiles depicting pink dolphins frolicking in pink waves). And half of the time I'm at TB's, with a brand new, spa-like, bug-free bathroom. All in all, I could do worse. But sometimes a girl wants to throw a pity party. Thanks for indulging. 

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  1. plaster bagworms are the stuff of nightmares. truly. you're brave.